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Camera Lucidia

Camera Lucidia
Turn you computer into a Camera Lucidia.

Trace from drawings or live images, draw directly to the screen or use a webcam to overlay your handdrawing onto the screen live.

Capture portraits perfectly.

No more problems with perspective!

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Robo Battle

Robot Battle
Build a robot then battle it in the arena. Win prize money then buy bigger weapons!
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Bubble Waft

Bubble Waft
Bubble popping game. Avoid the spikes, pop bubbles and keep at least 1 bubble until the end of the level.
Fast game of skill that gets harder and harder!
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Sand Fall

Catch the sand! Use moveable objects to direct the falling sand onto the target.

13 levels are done so far and you can play in 5 locations to experience differnt levels of gravity:

Earth, the moon, Jupiter, Mercury and Neptune

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Based on the 1888 English parlour game of Tiddlywinks. Where a player uses a squidger to flick their wink (plastic disc) into a cup or pot.
Single player: Pot your wink by flicking it into the cup. Play through a series of table top adventure levels.
Multiplayer: Play the 2 or 4 player game according to the simplified ETwA rules.
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Tabletop Tactics
Design and control your soldiers.
Play against the computer, locally with a friend or over the internet.
This game is WIP.
So far there are 3 single player AI personalities to play against, randomly chosen. The internet play option needs more debugging so it's currently unavailable.
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